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In the future what will Binded become?

Binded's mission is to make creativity the world's greatest asset. To support our mission, we're making copyright simple.

Imagine that as soon as you create an image, you have a permanent record that you own the copyright. Then your image is monitored for copyright infringement. If we find an infringement we will give you actions to take. Also, you can easily register your images with the U.S. Copyright Office for extra protection.

We're going to do all that and a lot more.

Does it cost money to use Binded?

No, it’s free and always will be! We want to democratize copyright, giving creators of all sizes the protection they deserve. That means making it free for everyone.

How can Binded be free?

We think very long-term, it's one of our core company values. Our primary motivation for building Binded is to help creators earn a living from their work.

Fortunately, we have great investors that support our vision and long-term view. That means for now we don't have to focus on making money.

In the future we will make money by creating value for you. We will keep a fair piece of that value in return for our efforts.

How does Binded fit into my workflow?

The best time is when you first create an image, you put it on Binded. We plan on creating integrations with every creative tool to make this seamless for you. So far we have integrations with Instagram and Twitter with plans for a whole lot more.

If you’ve already published your image you still benefit by having a copyright record and our monitoring feature.

What is my Binded vault?

Your Binded vault is a private place to store your copyrights. For every image put in your vault, we create a fingerprint and write a permanent record to the bitcoin blockchain.


What is copyright?

Copyright is a form of intellectual property protection. It applies to tangible things like images, books, movies and music. Copyright does not cover ideas. That’s what patents are for!

Copyright protection is available for original works of authorship, published or unpublished.

When do I own my copyright?

As soon as you create an original image, you own the copyright. 

What does Binded do for me legally?

Binded gives you proof of creation if used when you first create an image. This can help you when sending cease and desist orders or DMCA requests.

To win statutory damages in a lawsuit in America, you need an official U.S. copyright registration. In many other countries registration is not necessary in most cases.

We plan on providing a service soon to allow you to register your copyrights with the U.S. Copyright Office.


What is the bitcoin blockchain?

The bitcoin blockchain is a distributed database based on the Bitcoin protocol. It maintains a list of data records protected against tampering and revision. Records on the blockchain are permanent.

Why does Binded use the blockchain?

The reasons we use the blockchain are very simple.

First, we strongly believe that creators should own their work. By putting copyright claims on the blockchain, creators own the record. Secondly, the blockchain is a fraud deterrent. If a criminal makes false copyright claims on the blockchain, there is a permanent record linking back to them.

How does monitoring work?

Our monitoring feature, currently in beta, shows you where your images are being used on the web. The feature is limited for now but we want to make it really great.

Imagine, for free, having all your images monitored. You are notified in real-time if companies infringe on your copyrights and have easy actions to take to make them stop. That and a lot more is what monitoring will become soon.

How does Binded deal with fraud?

We care deeply about preventing fraud. It's no easy task. To combat fraud, we are building smart fraud detection tools using machine learning. Also, the blockchain is a built in fraud deterrent.

We have other plans on how we will deal with fraud long-term. We'll share more information in the future.